About Vital

Do you have management or operational challenges within your domestic violence services organization? If so, the Vital Project is designed to meet current and emerging management and operational technical assistance needs of Colorado-based domestic violence programs.

Vital was designed by the Center on Domestic Violence at the University of Colorado Denver and Mission Spark, LLC with funds from the CDHS Domestic Violence Program.  Both of these organizations have a long history providing technical assistance and professional development to domestic violence and other human services programs. More about the Vital Team can be found here.

The project includes an array of delivery methods including  webinars, technical assistance via coaching and consulting, customizable toolkits, and phone and video conferencing.  It is our hope that the project will result in greater program access to administrative best practices and, ultimately enhance the availability of strong and consistent services for victims throughout the state.

As a DVP grantee, the services of the Vital Project are provided to you at no charge.

Please review the content on this website for additional information about each of the services provided through Vital.


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